TeeReach is proud to announce a new integration partner in sZensoft! With this seamless integration, we will be able to work closely with sZensoft and provide a great experience for our both our users.

About Szensoft: Szen Corp started in 1999 with a simple solution for golf courses built from the ground up. Through the combined experience of head pros, general managers, accountants, and restaurant managers, they claim to have developed the easiest to use software in the business. For over 20 years and running, great support along with consistent and quality upgrades has been the foundation of their company. This foundation has proven to be, and will continue to be, a great asset to all of their current and future clients.

Benefit of TeeReach: The integration with TeeReach and sZensoft will enable users of sZensoft to simply and easily utilize all of TeeReachs' functions. TeeReach will be able to pull over player tee time and contact information each day and give the sZensoft user the ability to utilize SMS capabilities to enahance communication and to improve their online reputation.  

Summary: By integrating with sZensoft, we continue to integrate with the best software providers in the industry and allow our users to make the best decision for their business while still utilizing TeeReach. Our goal is to enhance communication with players and enhance each courses online marketing strategy. By adding sZensoft to our partner list, we continue to be the industry leader in review generation and SMS communications and will continue to seek out the best integrations in the industry.

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