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Create and save large lists of players to send custom text messages.

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Save Time And Your Sanity

Sometimes, it is hard to get in contact with league members or other large groups. Sure you can send them an email, but a lot of people miss those until it is too late. TeeReach group texts fix that. Create large groups for leagues, members, etc. and send a mass text out to them with just a click of a button. The text can even be personalized to that specific player without having to type out 100 texts!

Contact Hundreds Of Players At The Click Of A Button

Actually have those messages read too!

Key Features



Customize your messages to say anything you want. Send that message to all players playing that day or to specific players.

Mobile-Friendly Website


Whether it be members, mens league, ladies league, or anything really. Courses have the ability to create as many groups as they need.

Reports and Analytics


We are fully integrated directly into the top tee sheet providers in the golf industry. No need to manually input players. Their information is all right there when you sign in.

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Unlimited Players

Any players being pulled over from your tee sheet can be added to a group. You can also add players manually if needed.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management


If you are sending a text to multiple players, you don't want to input each players name and send them out one by one. Use shortcode to autofill the players name, and tee time in each text message.

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Two-Way Texting

After you send out a text to a large group, you don't want a reply to be sent to every other player. Utilize two-way texting to reply to each player individually.

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